An experience you won’t forget, in the beautiful scenery around Jostedalsbreen (Jostedal Glacier). All tours are arranged safely and securely, with experienced guides and professional arrangements. You can choose between Nigardsbreen, Austerdalsbreen and Bergsetbreen.



NIGARDSBREEN is situated near Fåberg in Jostedalen. You are able to get to the lake by car and from there you can take the boat “Jostedalsrjupa” over. You have to walk the last bit to get to the glacier. Jostedal Breførarlag organizes guided tours and courses during the summer. So does Icetroll.

Breheimsenteret in Gjerde is a National Park Visitor’s centre for the Jostedalsbreen National Park.


AUSTERDALSBREEN can be reached by first driving 26 km—from Veitastrond to Tungestølen—and then walk the rest of the way through Austerdalen. If the weather is right, you might be able to see where the steep glacier arms Loke, Odin and Tor meet and together form Austerdalsbreen. A walk through atmospheric and wild nature.
A new and spectacular DNT cabin in Tungestølen.


BERGSETBREEN is situated close to Bergset in Krundalen in Jostedalen. From the parking area there is a well-organized hiking trail through approx. 4 km of flat terrain all the way to the edge of the glacier. This glacier tour is the easiest one.