BesteBakken has 6 electric and some traditional bikes for hire. For longer trips, there are two that stand out: Hafslo – Veitastrond and Urnes – Skjolden.

Hafslo – Veitastrond

It’s 30 km from Hafslo to Veitastrond, a road that has many beautiful experiences to offer. After Hafslovatnet you’ll enter the bird conservation area around Straumavatnet. In Soget you can crawl into the giant’s kettle called Jygrishola and explore the Soga area. At Veitastrond you can visit the cheese and “geitekaramell” (goat caramel) manufacturers. You can also find a secondhand store here as well as “lefsebaking”. The highlight of the trip is what we call a “stølslunsj”, a proper Norwegian lunch, at Jarvamyri.

Urnes – Skjolden “The Romantic Road”

This is Sørsidevegen, the road on the south side of Lustrafjorden between Urnes and Skjolden. The stretching is great for cycling, nice and flat, but you do have to go through a dark tunnel. On this trip you will be able to see the Urnes Stave Church, Urnes deer farm, Munthehuset and Feigefossen.


It has often been said that the most beautiful viewpoint in all of Luster is Molden. From here you are able to get a stunning view of the fjord, in all directions. The journey is mainly on a good trail, with a medium inclined terrain.

You start by the road towards Mollandsmarki just as the road flattens out after the ascent, at the intersection on highway 55. After the cattle guard, go left onto the forest road and follow it for about 300 meters. Then go right onto the trail marked with red dots. The rest of the journey up alternates between forest roads and a marked trails.

Svarthiller has an amazing view over the fjord and also Urnes, which you can see on the other side. From here the terrain flattens and it’s pretty easy to get to the top of Molden, 1116 masl. The most beautiful view is probably from the east side, towards inner parts of the Lustrafjord.

During the summer, a trip to Molden on a cloudless night can be an amazing experience. Bring food, something to drink, warm clothes and watch the sun rise above Jotunheimen at approx. 04:00 in the morning.


If you walk straight up from BesteBakken, you will enter Tvangen. It’s steep, but it’s great exercise. On the journey back to BesteBakken you can go via Bersetno, Alme, Lomheim and Sandgotevegen. A great round trip with stunning views over Hafslo. The trip takes approx. 2 hours.

It is also a great experience to cycle støslvegen, a road through Norway’s summer pastures, to Tvangen through past Alme and Bersetno.



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