BesteBakken is a place of art and culture, a place where both visual arts and other arts blend in as if they are a natural part of the environment. In salons, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways you’ll find oil paintings, watercolours, ceramic sculptures and glass art.

Art has been a tradition Luster and Sogn for a long time. The area was well-known to artists in the 19th century, where the great national romanticists including J.C. Dahl, Fearnley, Tidemann and Gude were inspired by the landscape. BesteBakken is now an open house for contemporary artists of today and the walls are adorned with paintings—art that belongs to BesteBakken, but also pictures that are for sale.


Roy A. Dahl is one of the artists at BesteBakken. He is from a place called Langevåg which is by Ålesund, and paints both landscape and motives from everyday life. In search of motives, he gathers impressions and “stores” them before he portrays everyday situations and magnificent Vestlandsnatur (Western Norway Nature), with rough brush strokes and large colour surfaces.

– I often paint people in everyday situations such as children playing, people in a cafe or walking down the street. This is when characters are important and how they are placed in the picture. If I paint landscapes, they are abstract interpretations of known landscapes from Vestlandet (Western Norway), says Roy A. Dahl.


 Sara Reed: Pottery

Ingun Dahlin: Pottery

Merete Rein: Glass

Roy A. Dahl

Olan Harald Ulstein

Geir Hansen Tone Tingnæs

Vebjørn Aannø

Art in every room


Painting and pottery